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Brian Patterson shares his story of healing through faith in Jesus at a Rebuilt event. 

Anthony's Story of Hope - and the role recovery played - is an inspiration to many.

The Rejavanated story began in a prison cell. Bloomfield native Brian Patterson's life had quickly eroded as addiction devastated his relationships, his body and his hopes for the future. But God had other plans. 

Within a few years of being released from prison, Brian helped found Rebuilt Ministries in Bloomfield - a nontraditional church - to give others people battling addiction the same hope he found in a relationship with Jesus. Soon, Rebuilt Recovery & Discipleship was born - a seven-month intensive addiction recovery facility for men, also in Bloomfield. 

Men - like Anthony Stevens - found recovery when they literally had nothing left. "I had an empty void in me, and I tried to fill that with drugs," says Anthony, one of the graduates. Anthony found faith in Jesus, and now has a steady job, a loving wife and a little girl. Recently, Anthony joined the Rebuilt team full-time to try to help others struggling with addiction find another chance at life.

However, residential recovery ministry is expensive, and most of the men can't pay or work as they recover. Brian had a dream to build a business that could support the critical work being done at Rebuilt. It would be a legitimate for-profit business, but the profits would support the ministry. A generous donor with ties to the Bloomfield area stepped in, donating the building and helping to turn 12 West Main into a stylish spot building bridges into the community over a good cup of coffee. Next door, Replay also recently launched, a meeting spot and arcade which is a safe place for people of all ages to play together.

"We want a safe place where people from all walks of life can find relationships," says Brian. Our vision is that is that all who enter are loved well and can step into a place of healing."






We do love a good cup of coffee. But more than that, we love the people of Bloomfield and love watching the simple act of enjoying a cup of good coffee building bridges in our community.

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